Roofing Contractor Insurance in Mobile County, Baldwin County and the Greater Gulf Coast Area

Roofing Contractor Insurance in Mobile County, Baldwin County and the Greater Gulf Coast Area

A completely customized roofing contractor insurance package ensures that your roofing business’ operations are properly protected. With legislative changes happening in the roofing industry, evaluating your insurance coverages should be a priority.

The first major component of your insurance plan should protect you against claims of damage or injury caused on site or to visitors on your property. General liability will protect you in the event of such claims. Protecting your business is one thing, but general liability will also be the first major insurance requirement needed to bid for new jobs.

Yes, you should always want to protect other’s property as well as visitors to your property, but you also need to protect yourself. Our 60 years of experience with this industry have shown us that basically no roof is the same. We know that as a roofing contractor, each job is as complex and interesting as the next. Whether you accidentally roof the wrong house (we’ve seen it happen), or a crack goes unnoticed during the inspection causing a bad leak after job completion, you could have a lawsuit on your hands. To prevent potential financial loss from instances such as these, you should invest in a roofing contractor errors and omissions liability plan as well.

Another risk to be aware of is losing your equipment due to disasters such as a fire, a flood, or theft of your property, as well as other mishaps, whether on your property or not. An equipment policy, otherwise known as an inland marine policy, is designed to protect all of your mobile equipment. Mobile equipment can range from your sitting inventory of shingles to your boxes of nails.

Your employees need coverage too! They happen to be the core of your business. After all, they get the job done. Usually, workers’ compensation coverage is mandatory to operate a business. Sometimes it is not, but that does not mean you shouldn’t consider investing in it. What happens when one of your employees falls off of a roof or accidentally puts a nail in his thumb? Workers’ compensation is designed to protect your employees from lost income and medical bills resulting from these work related injuries.

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