Medical Office Insurance in Mobile County, Baldwin County and the Greater Gulf Coast Area.

Medical Office Insurance in Mobile County, Baldwin County and the Greater Gulf Coast Area.

Your patients are important to you and you want to keep them healthy and protected. So why not protect yourself? Operating a medical office poses several particular risks that you should be aware of. When reviewing your medical practice’s insurance plan it is important to think about those particular risks.

Yes, medical offices have all the basic risks that any other business office may have, such as general liability risks, damage to the office or buildings, and injury to employees. However, medical offices also have their own unique risks.

Let’s take a look at those unique risks. Have you considered being sued by a medical assistant who is unhappy and believes to be underpaid? What about that frustrated young doctor who hasn’t made partner yet? If you think these two scenarios may be something that can happen at your medical office, it may be time to think about employment practice liability.

Have you ever stopped to consider the costs associated with the maintenance on all of your expensive medical equipment and machinery? Those maintenance contracts with the equipment manufacturers, as well as your MRI machines and so much more, can be consolidated into one simple equipment maintenance program. That’s one number, on one bill, with your choice of maintenance contractors. We know, it almost sounds too good to be true.

What about those HIPAA regulations and all of your clients’ sensitive information being stored digitally? Has your medical practice considered the potential for a hacker attacking your computer systems and stealing all of your data? Data breaches for medical practices are quickly becoming a major concern. Our advisors can assist you in selecting the right coverage to keep your medical office protected in the event of a data breach.

Wait, we haven’t even talked about medical malpractice insurance. Did you know you have more options available to you? Well, you do. Don’t be afraid to explore these options, even if it is renegotiating your existing plan with your current provider.

We can help you with that. Get in touch with one of our advisors today.

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