Contractor Insurance in Mobile County, Baldwin County and the Greater Gulf Coast Area

Contractor Insurance in Mobile County, Baldwin County and the Greater Gulf Coast Area

Contractor insurance will be different from one business to the next. Let us help you by customizing a plan specifically for you that will keep your business protected.

The cost from claims of damage or injury caused on site or to visitors on your property can be devastating. A good insurance plan including general liability will protect you from such a claim. Aside from protecting your business, general liability will be the first major insurance requirement needed to bid for new jobs.

While protecting other people’s property and your visitors is important, you also need to protect yourself. Throughout our 60 years of experience, we have seen a lot. We understand as a contractor you have to make design decisions on the fly. This is a simple fact of being in the contractor and construction business. Sometimes those design decisions fail, resulting in a potential law suit. To prevent potential financial loss from a lawsuit, our advisors can help you select the best contractor professional liability coverage for you.

In addition to those risks, you run the risk of losing your equipment to disasters such as flooding, fire, theft and other unfortunate events whether on your property or not. An equipment policy, better known as an inland marine policy, is designed to protect all of your mobile equipment. Mobile equipment can consist of your stock, your large equipment and even your small tools.

Don’t forget your employees! Your employees can be considered your most valuable assets. In most cases, workers’ compensation coverage is mandatory. Even if it is not mandatory, it should still be a priority. Workers’ compensation is designed to protect your employees from lost income and medical bills resulting from a work related injury or sickness.

Contact us today and speak with one of our advisors to get started with the right contractor insurance policy for your business.

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